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New MAD Magazine Tinkers with Toys!

    MAD magazine had fallen off my radar for quite some time, and I had assumed it had met its demise. However, the latest edition, notably the Barbie parody, managed to tickle my funny bone once again.

    This latest MAD issue offers a delightful assortment of classic movie and TV parodies that harken back to the magazine’s golden era. Alongside these timeless gems, you’ll find perennial favorites like “Spy vs. Spy,” “A MAD Look at…” by the irreverent Sergio Aragones, and “The Lighter Side of…” by the legendary Dave Berg. The Usual Gang of Idiots serves up much more hilarity, and to top it off, an environmentally conscious Johnny Sampson provides a fresh Fold-In.

    In a world where environmental concerns often weigh heavily on our minds, MAD magazine offers a respite by injecting humor straight into our funny bones. So, if you’re looking to cleanse your comedic palate with a dose of laughter, grab a copy and let MAD #34 purify your sense of humor.