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Fun in the Sun

    What’s fun for other people may not be fun for you–and vice versa.–Gretchen Rubin


    Learning Swedish Through IKEA

      The only exposure I ever got to the Swedish language was from the Flintstones’ episode about the two boarders called Ole and Sven. IKEA has taught me the rest of the Swedish language.

      $75,000 Tear

        While renovating his home, David Gonzalez, found a copy of Action Comic #1 behind his wall in his home in Minnesota.  An over enthused family… Read More »$75,000 Tear

        Star Trek: The Next Degeneration

          This ain’t the Doctor Carol Marcus your dad used to know! In Star Trek Into Darkness, we witnessed Alice Eve’s unexpected underwear escapade, and boy, did it spark some lively discussions among critics and movie buffs alike.