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Taylor-Ruth Baldwin: Teen Angst

    Indiana Taylor-Ruth Baldwin has bottled teen angst on Tumblr with her comic strip ideology on teenage pain.  The teenage wasteland of doodles has struck a nerve with many as the Tumblr site increases in popularity.

    Taylor-Ruth Baldwin, 17, created Hanging Rock Comics, a first-person chronicle of high school angst. The Star Wars-obsessed junior started her Tumblr last summer, posting comic panels from her diary. “It was a way of venting my frustrations,” Baldwin says. “I didn’t think much would come of it.” But she struck a nerve, and in a few months she had 15,000 followers. Her posts often get thousands of notes—reblogs, likes, and replies. One got more than 35,000, which is on par with posts by mainstream news orgs. And last fall, a Baldwin lookalike contest got 400-plus adults, kids, and animals aping her style of band T-shirt, big glasses, and braid.


    Tony M.