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The Allen Ginsberg Doll

    The Allen Ginsberg Doll

    The Allen Ginsberg figurine is a curiosity at best. I am happy to know that it is officially approved by the Allen Ginsberg Estate. ( Relatives ran out of money. Cash grab.) I just want to know when the William Blake, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Dylan Thomas dolls are coming out.

    The Allen Ginsberg Doll” I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked……..”
    The voice of the great poet reverberates even more, today!

    Introducing the 3rd figure from the Great People Series by Archer Prewitt!
    The Allen Ginsberg Doll, officially approved by the Allen Ginsberg Estate.
    Comes with fabric cloth jacket, glasses, book, Uncle Tom hat, beaded necklace, and CD with 5 poetry readings and 1 song (all of the recordings are previously unreleased material).

    The Dolls

    A doll in the doll-maker’s house

    Looks at the cradle and bawls:

    ‘That is an insult to us.’

    But the oldest of all the dolls,

    Who had seen, being kept for show,

    Generations of his sort,

    Out-screams the whole shelf: ‘Although

    There’s not a man can report

    Evil of this place,

    The man and the woman bring

    Hither, to our disgrace,

    A noisy and filthy thing.’

    Hearing him groan and stretch

    The doll-maker’s wife is aware

    Her husband has heard the wretch,

    And crouched by the arm of his chair,

    She murmurs into his ear,

    Head upon shoulder leant:

    ‘My dear, my dear, O dear,

    It was an accident.’

    -William Butler Yeats


    Tony M.