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The Future of the Internet

    The future of the Internet will be much different then the free for all we have today. It will be regulated and anonymity will be a thing of the past. Every individual will be accountable to every action he/she will commit in the cyber-universe. A RealIdentity card will be issued to all if they are to be part of the Internet of the future. Geolocation Internet access will play a big part for advertising and entertainment, territories will be carved and to centralize tastes and to please local advertising.

    The internet is split into roughly 120 country regions. This is to ensure that fitting entertaining content will be streamed to you, and that you will not find content that may be unsettling. Your Geolocation should be automatically derived from the position of your point of login – if it matches with the country provided in your RealIdentity card, you’re ready to go. Users from the US may enjoy great copyrighted US TV show reruns like Friends 2020, for instance, while users in other countries may have different tastes and preferences.

    Tony M.