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The Zombies first ever feature documentary comes alive

    the zombies documentary

    The thing about zombies is that you get never get away from them. They just keep coming back. The group THE ZOMBIES is no different. When they disbanded in 1968, they never went away. They lingered in the background with the classic hits “She’s Not There” and “Time of the Season.” You just can’t keep these ZOMBIES down. Their fans and contemporaries recognized them at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inauguration in 2019. They are still recording and going strong.

    The iconic 1960s group will be the focus of a feature documentary entitled “Hung Up on a Dream,” directed by Utopia co-founder, Rooney frontman and “Dreamland” director Robert Schwartzman.

    “The soundtrack of my life is The Zombies’ timeless album ‘Odessey and Oracle.’ It inspired me to start writing songs and chase the dream of being in a band. Flash forward, now I get to tell these stories on the screen, bringing together my passion for music and film, all set to the backdrop of one of my favorite recording artists, The Zombies! Their story has to be told, the music is too good to not give fans and audiences a better perspective of their career to this point. I can’t express how happy I am to be on this journey with them.”

    In their first-ever feature documentary nearly 60 years after they met as teenagers before the British Invasion music scene, THE ZOMBIES tell their story of navigating the tumultuous music industry over the decades and making one of the most influential albums of all time, Odessey and Oracle.She’s Not There” made them the first British band after The Beatles to reach #1 in the US. After years of touring and many missteps in the 60s, sadly the band missed out on their biggest moment yet, when “Time of the Season” hit #1 and became a global success, inspiring new generations each year. The band looks back on their journey, where true friendship led them to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    Fun Fact: ZZ Top’s Dusty Hill and Frank Beard once masqueraded as British rock act the Zombies in the late 60s.

    Tony M.