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Wacky Packages

    Topps was always known as the baseball card company and also Bazooka bubblegum. Wacky Packages is a collection of vintage wacky stickers collected through the years of wry humor of brand mocking. Way before Photoshop, they did this the hard way, they painted them. They had to draw it from scratch. Kids collected “wacky packs” and they found new homes on practically anything where stickers could stick. A favorite destination was lockers in school. Wacky Packages is introduced by artist extraordinaire Art Spiegelman. Cult comic artists who graced these sticky pieces of paper are the likes of Kim Deitch, Bill Griffith, Jay Lynch, and Norm Saunders. Celebrate over 40 years of nonsense and nostalgia. See Wacky Packs online>>

    Tony M.