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Zilot & Other Important Rhymes by Bob Odenkirk and Erin Odenkirk

    Bob Odenkirk, the acclaimed Emmy Award-winning writer, comedian, and actor, along with his talented daughter Erin Odenkirk, a gifted illustrator, come together to offer a delightful collection of whimsical poetry suitable for readers of all ages. Their creation is reminiscent of the beloved works of literary luminaries like Shel Silverstein and Jack Prelutsky.

    The origin of this enchanting collaboration dates back to Bob Odenkirk’s early days as a parent. He embarked on this poetic journey when his children were mere tots, crafting these imaginative verses that eventually found a home in a homemade book called “Olde Time Rhymes.” His motivation behind this endeavor was twofold: firstly, to impart upon his children, Nate and Erin, the realization that real people, just like them, were responsible for the captivating stories they cherished, and secondly, to instill in them the belief that they too could become writers and illustrators.

    Fast forward almost two decades and the Odenkirks found themselves confined together under one roof during a period of quarantine. It was during this time that they decided to revisit the treasury of verses created so long ago. However, it wasn’t until Erin began to breathe life into these words through her illustrations that this project took on a life of its own, blossoming into something far greater than a cherished family heirloom.

    Derived from the inventive term used for a cozy blanket fort, an endearing canine known for its love of high-speed dashes, and a father imparting the wisdom of umbrella operation to his children, these topics spring to life within the pages of this book. Enhanced by Erin’s imaginative and intricately crafted illustrations, these subjects take on a vibrant existence. With more than seventy poems in tow, “Zilot & Other Important Rhymes” promises to captivate readers of all ages.

    The collaboration of a father-daughter duo crafting a children’s book is truly heartwarming, exuding a sense of wholesomeness that’s both endearing and captivating. While the involvement of the Odenkirks, Bob in particular, adds a special touch to the project, the book stands strong and holds its own merit.

    The poetic verses, reminiscent of the iconic style of Shel Silverstein, prove their worth independently. These rhymes display a remarkable charm and stand firmly on their own, showcasing a delightful world of creativity and imagination that’s sure to resonate with readers of all ages.

    One cannot help but be genuinely impressed by Erin’s exceptional talent in the realm of lined art. Her illustrations breathe life into the verses, adding an enchanting layer of visual storytelling that complements the written word beautifully. Erin’s artistry is nothing short of remarkable and adds a unique dimension to the book that truly deserves admiration.

    As part of their book promotion, Bob and Erin are embarking on a tour across the United States. Below are the scheduled dates and locations:

    Bob Odenkirk is known for acting (Breaking BadBetter Call Saul, and feature films like Greta Gerwig’s Little Women) and for writing lots of comedy sketches for TV shows (Saturday Night Live and Mr. Show with Bob and David). In fact, he’s been writing silly stuff his whole life because he sees the world as a mostly funny, pretty ridiculous place. Bob’s other books include A Load of Hooey, a collection of comedic essays, and Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama, his instant New York Times bestselling memoir, but Zilot & Other Important Rhymes is the thing he’s most proud of in this world. His greatest wish is that you laugh today and he’d very much like to help make that happen.

    Erin Odenkirk has been creating art as long as she can remember, having first found inspiration in drawing real and made-up animals. Now a graduate of Pratt Institute, she lives in Brooklyn, New York with a lot of pencils and one bunny. Erin hopes Zilot & Other Important Rhymes makes you chuckle, maybe even chortle, but mostly she hopes it inspires you to go make something “important.”

    Nate Odenkirk contributed to Zilot & Other Important Rhymes both as a little kid and as a tall wisp of a man. His original “radio” play, Summer in Argyle, is kid-and adult-friendly and perfect for keeping both quiet on long road trips. As a classically trained writer, Nate has yet to make a single mistake.

    This 160-page book is set for release on October 10, 2023, and you have the opportunity to secure your copy in advance by clicking HERE for pre-order.

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