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Whatever happened to the “Bee Girl” from Blind Melon

    blind melon bee girl

    It was 30 years ago when Heather DeLoach tapped her way into the hearts of music lovers. She graced the album cover of Blind Melon’s debut album. The album failed to make a dent in the charts when released in September 1992. It took a full year for the album to chart when the incredibly popular video for “No Rain” opened the floodgates. DeLoach reprised her role as Bee Girl for the 1993 music video “Bedrock Anthem” by “Weird Al” Yankovic. The song “Bee Girl” on the album Lost Dogs by Pearl Jam is a tribute to DeLoach. In October 2020, she appeared as “Bee Girl” on the Fox musical game show I Can See Your Voice.

    Today, she is still busy as a bee, DeLoach represents a fertility doctor in Orange County, California.

    BeeGirl 1
    “Bee Girl” on the Fox musical game show I Can See Your Voice

    “I remember the costume was too short for my torso,” DeLoach recalled in the book Shannon. “I naturally didn’t have that slouch that you see in the video – it was because I didn’t want my little girl parts to come out. And I remember by the time I did the VMA’s [which aired live on September 2, 1993], the girl stitched a new costume for me that was a lot bigger. And I remember being in the studio and them saying, ‘You’re going to tap’ – and I had no clue how to tap. I even think on one of the shots, it’s not even my feet – I think it’s somebody else’s feet, because I thought, ‘I didn’t do that move’!”