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Calvin & Hobbes Search Engine

    The Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine

    Michael Yingling, an avid admirer of Bill Watterson, has ingeniously crafted a search engine tailored for accessing the extensive archives of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips. This innovative tool allows users to simply input any keyword, and voila, the relevant topic within the captivating Watterson universe is at their fingertips. Despite the potential boon for enthusiasts, the prospect of diminished book sales may not sit well with Bill Watterson and Andrews McMeel Universal.

    It is advisable to take advantage of Michael’s creation while it remains accessible, as the emergence of a cease and desist letter from Universal Press Syndicate seems imminent. Michael, the mind behind this search engine, emphasizes that his daily traffic hovers around a modest <20 hits, and he refrains from personally hosting the comic strips. For an in-depth understanding of his perspective and his plans in the face of potential legal action, one can peruse the discussion on Reddit through the provided link.

    While the search engine remains a valuable resource for Calvin and Hobbes enthusiasts, its future is uncertain. Michael’s hope is that the community can continue enjoying this remarkable tool, despite the looming challenges it may face.