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Wondery: The Cat in the Hat Cast Podcast

    The Cat in the Hat Cast is a fantastical variety show-style podcast series hosted by everyone’s favorite red and white hat-wearing Cat from the best-selling book The Cat in the Hat.

    youre dead to me podcast

    You’re Dead To Me

      I have gravitated to podcasts like no other time in my life. I love history-based podcasts. You’re Dead to Me from BBC Radio 4 is a hilarious romp into history for people who hate history by Greg Jenner. Who knew could be so much fun. When these podcasts are put in a modern context, it is always fun to listen to. Jenner is labeled as a ‘celebrity historian’

      lets talk about myths baby 1

      Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby!

        Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! is a Greek mythology podcast. If Edith Hamilton were reincarnated and cooler today she would be Liv Albert. The first time I was exposed to mythology was by Harry Steele Savage’s slick drawings used for later editions of Edith Hamilton’s 1942 book, Mythology.

        the apology line

        The Apology Line‬

          If you could call a number and say you’re sorry, and no one would know…what would you apologize for? For fifteen years, you could call a number in Manhattan and do just that. This is the story of the line and the man at the other end who became consumed by his own creation.

          The Magicians Podcast

          Uriah Heep: The Magician’s Podcast

            I am enjoying Scott Haskin’s podcast called The Magician’s Podcast Fan Podcast Endorsed by Uriah Heep. Scott brings a unique personal perspective to each individual song played chronically by song order of each album. The beauty of Uriah Heep is that they have a large catalog of songs. They also released many expanded versions of their songs. The early albums were re-released with added bonuses. Scott plays all the different versions. He approaches each song as a fan but as a music professional with industry experience. If your ears want to experience something magical and entertaining Scott Haskin is your man.