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pizza condom boxes

Pizza Condoms

    The extra tasty Seriax condom pizza box will surely get the laughs. It’s too bad it does not come in different flavors.

    cyclon toaster

    Cylon Toaster

      The Cylon Toaster is what every housewife in Caprica should have to entertain breakfast sleepy heads. There are only 2000 of these units on planet earth for now and with three interchangeable plates to leave burnt imprints on your toast. There a few floating around on eBay if you want to get into a bidding war for your own Cylon Toaster.

      mr snot tissues

      Mr. Snot Tissues

        For all those nose goblin pickers, there is a non embarrassing solution for that nasty itching sensation you get when your nose just bothers the hell out of you. Don’t be picky now, Mr. Snot Tissues is here to save the day.