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squid games costume

Buy Netflix’s Squid Game inspired Halloween costumes

    Folks you might be seeing quite a lot of Squid Games costumes out for Halloween this year. The psychologically thrilling Korean drama — which premiered on September 17 is catching the world by surprise. Amazon and Etsy are selling non-sanctioned costumes. Most of the costumes are unisex, I am sure some sicko will come out with a sexy version of the Squid Games costume. Netflix fell asleep behind the wheel with this one. Better get one before Halloween gets here, shipping could be a problem if you do not watch out from where you are getting the costume.


    Gift Wrap My Face promotes full facial nudity for the 2021 holiday season

      An inventive pair of advertising pros who were part of the group of geniuses at the agency behind the Burger King, Dominos, Microsoft and VW campaigns, has created a customized “selfie” wrapping paper company that is loved and used by Oprah, Khloe Kardashian and boasting sales that would make Hallmark jealous. Featuring maskless face photos of people and pets, Gift Wrap My Face, #GiftWrapMyFace adds them to the body of elves, snowmen, superheroes, astronauts, iconic statues, lamas or dancing with dreidels or menorahs. Gift Wrap My Face even created two Smart Wrapping Papers: one using augmented reality to enliven a face making a snow angel, a dancing elf and a Video Paper that uses a personalized and private QR code for gift-givers to share a video message with loved ones.

      the sexy burger lingerie

      Sexy burger lingerie

        Estelle Peacock Couture, a New Zealand-based fashion designer of Stellar Stage Apparel created this cheeky The Sexy Burger lingerie set. The all-dressed burger will have him go wild in bed. Just hold the ketchup, please.

        Croc stiletto heels

        Crocs Collaborate With Balenciaga for Stiletto Clogs

          Crocs Balenciaga heels have caught the fascination of the world. Fans of the shoes are divided down the middle. All I can say it would be pretty hard to mow the lawn with Crocs Balenciaga heels. Piers would be off-limits.

          tapirs urine spray

          Urine Danger

            Did you know that tapirs can spray backward between 7-10 feet? Urine danger.

            tie fighter bbq grill 9680

            Tie Fighter BBQ Grill

              A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there were a few hungry rebels. They threw a barbeque to feed their rebellious bellies with a spanking new Galaxy Grill.


              The League of Lost Avengers

                The year is sometime in the 70s, a band of four ordinary citizens bands together to fight crime in their neighborhood. Lead by Sandwich Man, they assemble to guard their streets against villains ready to harm their city. Carrot-Top Man with perfect vision is the toast of the town. They are kept together by Old-Man Butterfly who swoops in with his intellectual prowess of observation (If only he could remember where he was yesterday). Bat-Person lurks in the corners waiting to jump at a chance to fight evil.

                fogging eyeglasses ramen noodles

                Ramen Bowl Face Mask

                  Anybody who wears a face mask with glasses runs into fogging. Here is a creative way to incorporate fogging with this bowl of Ramen inspired mask. I do not know about you but I would feel hungry wearing this mask all day.

                  Calvins canadian cave of cool

                  Calvin’s Canadian Cave Of Cool

                    If you love cats, nostalgia, scantly clad cosplayers and the weird, then Calvin’s Canadian Cave Of Cool is the place for you. The Cave of Cool was first unleashed on September 21, 2008.