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inside the mystery machine

Now you can rent the Mystery Machine from Airbnb

    Round up the gang for a look at The Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo! This tricked-out van is a hit with kids of all ages (and adults) it includes disco lights and comes equipped with ghost finder technology! Now you can rent the Mystery Machine from Airbnb.

    Pikachu Man also known as Creepy Pikachu Man Tumblr Ad or Tumblrch

    Who is the Creepy Pikachu Man Tumblr ad? 

      Pikachu Man, also known as Creepy Pikachu Man Tumblr Ad or Tumblrchu, is an image of a man wearing simple Pikachu cosplay and adjusting his glasses, worn over a human-looking Pikachu mask with a yellow morph suit.

      devil pencils

      Nick Cave Devil Pencils

        Cave Things is a shop that sells playful, mysterious, subversive things that are designed, drawn, written, or recorded by Nick Cave. It’s a store to buy beautiful objects and strange gifts; from jewelry to tea sets, from t-shirts to stationery. It’s a home for books and recordings that sit in a place entirely of their own.  

        joyless careers

        Joyless Careers: Office Worker Figure

          The Joyless Careers product line commemorates the many soul-sucking careers of the modern era. Office Worker is available in a limited run of 100 and is the perfect reminder to a lifetime of regret. Sit at a computer for 50 years until you die.

          wayne white shitshow

          Life is a shitshow

            Fred is here to help you find your inner piece. We’ve joined forces with talented artists from around the globe to create a dynamic collection of jigsaw puzzles that add some modern flair to this classic pastime. Our selection of original artworks are unique and exciting, and you’re guaranteed to find one that is a perfect fit!

            tony iommi bone

            Paleontologist Mats E. Eriksson names 469 million-years-old fossil after Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi

              A new species of conodonts has just been discovered by a Danish/Swedish team of paleontologists. The fossil is around 469 million years old and was recovered from a succession of limestone in western Russia, rocks that once formed the seafloor sediments during the Ordovician Period. Because the species proved to be new to science, it had to be formally baptized with a unique Latin moniker. As all study authors are passionate hobby musicians and have long love affairs with the history of heavy rock music, they decided to honor one of heavy metal’s true pioneers — guitar legend Tony Iommi of BLACK SABBATH.

              squid games costume

              Buy Netflix’s Squid Game inspired Halloween costumes

                Folks you might be seeing quite a lot of Squid Games costumes out for Halloween this year. The psychologically thrilling Korean drama — which premiered on September 17 is catching the world by surprise. Amazon and Etsy are selling non-sanctioned costumes. Most of the costumes are unisex, I am sure some sicko will come out with a sexy version of the Squid Games costume. Netflix fell asleep behind the wheel with this one. Better get one before Halloween gets here, shipping could be a problem if you do not watch out from where you are getting the costume.


                Gift Wrap My Face promotes full facial nudity for the 2021 holiday season

                  An inventive pair of advertising pros who were part of the group of geniuses at the agency behind the Burger King, Dominos, Microsoft and VW campaigns, has created a customized “selfie” wrapping paper company that is loved and used by Oprah, Khloe Kardashian and boasting sales that would make Hallmark jealous. Featuring maskless face photos of people and pets, Gift Wrap My Face, #GiftWrapMyFace adds them to the body of elves, snowmen, superheroes, astronauts, iconic statues, lamas or dancing with dreidels or menorahs. Gift Wrap My Face even created two Smart Wrapping Papers: one using augmented reality to enliven a face making a snow angel, a dancing elf and a Video Paper that uses a personalized and private QR code for gift-givers to share a video message with loved ones.

                  the sexy burger lingerie

                  Sexy burger lingerie

                    Estelle Peacock Couture, a New Zealand-based fashion designer of Stellar Stage Apparel created this cheeky The Sexy Burger lingerie set. The all-dressed burger will have him go wild in bed. Just hold the ketchup, please.

                    Croc stiletto heels

                    Crocs Collaborate With Balenciaga for Stiletto Clogs

                      Crocs Balenciaga heels have caught the fascination of the world. Fans of the shoes are divided down the middle. All I can say it would be pretty hard to mow the lawn with Crocs Balenciaga heels. Piers would be off-limits.

                      tapirs urine spray

                      Urine Danger

                        Did you know that tapirs can spray backward between 7-10 feet? Urine danger.