Comic-Con Movie Con

The Comic-Con true roots have always been about comic books. With the success of movie adaptations, the show has embraced Hollywood into the fold. Each year exciting new TV shows and movies are showcased at the event. Hollywood types are on the prowl for new movie ideas at the show. Is the well getting dry this year? Seems that second tier comic characters are gracing the show this year, Captain America, The Green Lantern, The Green Hornet and Thor. According to some sources in Hollywood comic book based movies are on the decline. Perhaps the sleeper this year will be Scott Pilgrim a movie based on Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic book series. A fresh look in comic book lore. This might be the year that superhero films will be on the decline. Other smaller press offerings are getting Hollywood treatment and perhaps will have a better chance than Marvel and DC’s recent crop of movies.

Peter Hall from says: I’m just not that interested in the super budget, high-profile superhero movies any more. I’m much more excited to learn about the smaller comic-based movies like, for example, The Goon, which is a CGI-animated feature produced by David Fincher about two guys (voiced by Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown) who fight undead crime. Or how about Sam Raimi’s newly-announced futuristic western Earp: Saints for Sinners, which places a Wyatt Earp-type law figure at the center of Las Vegas, one of the few American cities that survived the apocalypse. I know next to nothing about Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens adaptation, so I can’t wait to hear about what he’s been up to now that he’s moved on from Iron Man. Hell, I’m more excited to see the (probably) straight-to-video 30 Days of Night: Dark Days than I am to see what Chris Evans looks like wearing Captain America’s suit.