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Ozzy and Black Sabbath: What Evil Lurks by Joel Mciver

    While numerous books explore the histories of Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne separately, Joel McIver‘s book, “Black Sabbath: What Evil Lurks,” skillfully weaves together the entire timeline of both entities into a cohesive narrative. This beautifully crafted book, adorned with captivating photos, lifts Black Sabbath from the shadows, presenting a spectacular collage of multi-talents that propelled Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne to the forefront of musical greatness. McIver’s work unveils not only the musical journey but also the intricate relationships and struggles within both the Sabbath and Ozzy camps.

    Originally published on October 15, 2016, Joel McIver’s book, “Black Sabbath: What Evil Lurks,” has earned its place among great literary rock works that stand the test of time. Testament to its enduring significance, this exceptional book has undergone a reprint. As the pages of this revered tome find a fresh audience, Flynn’s perspective lends contemporary relevance, weaving an additional narrative thread that enriches the reader’s experience and offers a modern lens through which to appreciate the timeless legacy of Black Sabbath.

    Joel McIver’s work stands as a testament to his dedication, presenting a truly comprehensive exploration of both Black Sabbath and Ozzy Osbourne. The band emerged from the ashes of Birmingham, an industrial city torn by war and known for manufacturing weapons of mass destruction. Their music became a reflection of the harsh environment that surrounded them, a manifestation of their belief that they were destined for a life of factory work until retirement or, perhaps, an unforeseen twist of fate. The incident where Tony Iommi partially lost his fingers in a factory accident became a harbinger of potential doom or a blessing in disguise, setting the stage for a new and unforeseen future.

    Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath share an indelible connection, forever intertwined as the iconic frontman and the formidable Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in the realm of heavy metal. In the late stages of 1969, when the collective talents of Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward exploded onto an unsuspecting audience, the hand of doom was poised to be unleashed upon the world. Their grinding sound, distinctive and unmatched, eventually conquered not only America but also the global music scene. From the very beginning, there was nothing that resonated quite like their revolutionary sound, marking them as the godfathers of metal.

    Scant are the celebrities distinguished solely by their first name, yet utter the moniker “Ozzy,” and only one figure emerges: Ozzy Osbourne. Embark on this unofficial homage, delving comprehensively into the life of Ozzy and his trailblazing ensemble, Black Sabbath. Peer behind the curtain to unravel the stories behind iconic tracks such as “Paranoid” and “Iron Man,” gaining insight into the captivating narrative meticulously presented by Joel McIver. Every ounce of drama, stagecraft, and fan fervor unfolds vividly, providing a revealing glimpse into the intricate workings of the band’s creative process. Immerse yourself in the evolution of the “Prince of Darkness” and the development of his onstage persona, unraveling the fascinating tale of Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath.

    For an awe-inspiring five decades, Black Sabbath has stood as a veritable force of nature, propelled by its infernal sound and hauntingly dark lyrics. Throughout its illustrious career, the band has navigated through an impressive eleven distinct line-ups, each contributing its unique essence to the ever-evolving sonic tapestry of Black Sabbath. The monumental journey spans not only the band’s formidable nineteen studio albums but also extends to the expansive realm of solo endeavors, boasting a staggering twenty-eight solo albums collectively released by the original quartet.

    This enduring legacy, etched in the annals of musical history, underscores the profound impact Black Sabbath has had on the landscape of heavy metal. The interplay of its members, the evolution of their sound, and the prolific solo pursuits collectively form a narrative that transcends time, encapsulating the essence of a band that has continually defied expectations and set new standards in the realm of rock and metal.

    The narrative unfolds, revealing the diverse cast of characters that played pivotal roles in the band’s history. From shady business figures profiting off the band to a tale of redemption where one individual is rescued from the pitfalls of fame by the daughter of a corrupt music manager, the book unearths the untold stories behind the scenes. For fans familiar with Sabbath’s story and those introduced to the lovable Ozzy through MTV, the book offers fresh insights into the complex personalities and events that shaped their legendary careers. Ozzy, once considered the advocate of the devil, has evolved into an incomprehensible British icon, requiring subtitles for clarity, representing a transformation that adds layers to his enigmatic persona.

    Black Sabbath’s influence extends beyond their music, inspiring countless bands to new heights, some pushing creative boundaries to the extent that Sabbath’s original sound now appears comparatively mild. The seeds they planted have blossomed into some of the biggest bands in contemporary music, and many readily acknowledge the profound impact of Black Sabbath on their artistic journeys.

    Joel McIver is the bestselling author of several books on rock music. His writing has appeared in several publications, including Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and Classic Rock. His best-known work is Justice for All: The Truth About Metallica, first published in 2004 and appearing in nine languages since then. McIver’s other works include biographies of Black Sabbath, Slayer, Thunder, Ice Cube, and Queens of the Stone Age.

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