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id really like to eat a child

I’d Really Like to Eat a Child

    Depending on how sensitive your child could be if they do not understand black humor, I’d Really Like to Eat a Child is a friendly book that takes a look at a serious function in nature. Illustrated by French artist Dorothée de Monfreid, this little offering is a hoot. There is a lot of tasteful art to chew on, and is a gut buster with tantalizing words written by Sylviane Donnio.

    the little prince

    Le Petit Prince Original Art Found

      Saint-Exupery’s art was found from the gone astray page of the original Le Petit Prince book, experts examined the lost stained paper drawing and it is indeed the authentic vanished art from the original book.  The missing page was purchased in 1994 at a second-hand book-fair by Minoru Shibuya the curator for a picture book museum near Tokyo.  Just proves that there is a treasure to be found if you look in the right places.

      metal men

      Metal Men Going Big Screen

        The Metal Men are going to the big screen according to The Hollywood Reporter. Created in 1962 by writer Robert Kanigher, pencilled by Ross Andru and inked by Mike Esposito, this motley of elemental robotic heroes should be a fun fare if written the right way.

        stuck in the middle seventeen comics from an unpleasant age

        Stuck in the Middle: Seventeen Comics from an Unpleasant Age

          Here is a book for the older kids, Stuck in the Middle: 17 Comics from an Unpleasant Age, which gathers some of the top talents in the industry in writing about the terrible teen years.  It features comics by Gabrielle Bell, Joe Matt, Dan Clowes, Lauren Weinstein, Ariel Bordeaux.

          the salon

          The Salon

            It’s a double set with Nick Bertozzi this month, with both HOUDINI: THE HANDCUFF KING  and THE SALON. Check out Nick’s Blog.

            crazy by the letters

            Crazy By The Letters – Mental Problems From A to Z

              Shades of Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, Joey Chou, brings us his weird fun art about mental illness. Joey is still an art student at the Art Center College of Design and is already on his second book. There is a lot of promise here with his new book.

              Sandbox World

                So begins Sandbox World. What holds for this blog nobody knows.