Mad Magazine Artist Al Jaffee Turns 100 Years

Mad Magazine Artist Al Jaffee Turns 100 Years

Al Jaffee made his first Mad Magazine debut 65 years ago. Jaffee is famous for creating the “Fold-In” and “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.” will be 100 years on March 13.

Sandbox World is 9 Years Old Today

Nine years of blogging. Sandbox World turns nine years old today!  I did not think I would be still doing this. Some ups and downs, still chugging along. Nine more? Who knows.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck has always been the everyman. I always hated the falseness of Mickey Mouse. Donald might be a cluck but he was more human than all the Disney characters. Happy 80th birthday Donald.

Happy Birthday Stan Lee

Stan Lee is 91 years old today. Still the 20 year old at heart. Thank you Stan for marveling us for generations.

Julie Newmar: On Being 80

Julie Newmar might not have nine lives but she shares her views on being 80.  May she live another 80 years to share more wisdom. Yolo! It’s time to rewrite the rules It was only two years ago that youth left me.Hate me or not, middle age didn’t happen to me; a privilege undeserved, or…

Marmaduke Creator Brad Anderson Celebrates 88 Years

Happy 88th birthday to Brad Anderson!  Brad Anderson?  He is better known for his creation Marmaduke.  His canine creation has been around since 1954.  Brad Anderson’s success pales in comparison to the likes of Charles M. Schulz and Hank Ketcham.  You either like Marmaduke or hate him.  The one panel strip has been criticized by…

G is for Edward Gorey and Google

Google Doodle celebrates Edward Gorey’s 88th birthday if he were alive today. He checked out in the year 2000. “Fifty years ago, in 1963, Edward Gorey published a trio of books in an olive-colored, hand-lettered slipcase entitled ‘The Vinegar Works: Three Volumes of Moral Instruction’. The three books were ‘The Insect God’, ‘The West Wing’,…

Kurt Cobain: Nirvana Promised for 27 Years

Kurt Cobain: Nirvana Promised for 27 Years

Kurt Cobain was born on February 20th, 1967. He tragically took his life at the age of 27. His group was Nirvana but his life was not nirvana. He lived a complex life that he cut short. Kurt Cobain was a male version of Sylvia Plath for the grunge scene.

Happy Birthday Bela Lugosi

October 20th marks the birthday of Bela Lugosi. If he were alive he would truly be a white zombie since he was born in 1882. His real name was Blasko Bela Ferenc Dezso. Bela Lugosi perhaps is the prime candidate to come back from the dead as he has many times in the movies, but…

Julia Child’s 100th Birthday

PBS is celebrating Julia Child’s 100th birthday. Before specialty food channels, PBS had various cooking shows. Julia Child was the cream of the crop of those shows. Now we are entertained by Hollywood type cooks from all walks of life. Julia Child was either your mother or grandmother depending on who was watching. PBS had…

How Common Is Your Birthday?

Let me tell you about the birds and the bees. Seems the bees were pollinating mostly in January. September has the highest birthday rate compared to the rest of the other months.