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The Beatles

The Hollies A Biography

The Hollies: A Biography by Malcolm C. Searles

    The history of the Hollies is enigmatic at best. Their squeaky clean images kept them out of the spotlight. The Beatles hogged the British scene in the 60s, while The Rolling Stones thrived on their enfant terrible image. This might be the reason why not much is written on The Hollies. The Hollies: Riding The Carousel by Malcolm C. Searles promises to shed light on perhaps of the greatest 60s band.

    Special edition Yellow Submarine Playing Cards produced in collaboration with The Beatles2

    Special edition Yellow Submarine Playing Cards – produced in collaboration with The Beatles

      Join Paul, John, George, and Ringo as they take a journey on a yellow submarine to Pepperland to save the music-loving inhabitants from the Blue Meanies! Premium playing cards featuring fan-favorite characters and artwork from the iconic animated musical adventure. The decks are illustrated with remarkable details and colorful, vibrant imagery. “It’s all in the mind y’know!”