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Christmas vs. Xmas

    [youtube] You have to ask the experts the difference between Christmas and Xmas from MerriamWebsterOnline and you will surprised to learn the answer. The… Read More »Christmas vs. Xmas

    Filmography 2010

      [youtube] Just how good was 2010 film wise? 2010 delivered many 3D fare movies with a mixed bag of old and new. Filmography 2010… Read More »Filmography 2010

      iBand Christmas Music

        [youtube] The iPad is making way at the North Point Community Church as a musical instrument outsourcing Christmas music on stage. The portability of… Read More »iBand Christmas Music

        Hologram Magic

          [youtube] Zebra Imaging ZScape has created an amazing hologram of the city of Seattle. You don’t need 3D glasses to see the magic illusion… Read More »Hologram Magic