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Clip Mouse: New innovative wearable computer mouse

    The Clip Mouse is an innovative wearable computer mouse that covers two fingers, eliminating the need for a traditional mousepad. Despite initial skepticism due to its revolutionary design, a startup based in Berlin has unveiled the Clip Mouse.

    New Apple Watch X coming in 2024 with blood pressure tracking

      Apple is gearing up for a significant leap forward by introducing an impressive upgrade referred to as the “Watch X.” Apple is pushing the boundaries of health monitoring with the Watch X, providing users with the capability to monitor their blood pressure.

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      The Apple iBike

        Is there anything Apple cannot do? Seems they are bent on reinventing everything. They have a patent for a new bike. Perhaps it will be called the iBike.(maybe not) This smart bike will put your jalopy to shame. Will we see lineups at Apple stores for bikes in the future?