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The Batman The Complete Series

The Batman: The Complete Series

    He’s in his mid-twenties and just finding his way as protector, defender and Caped Crusader, while maintaining his public persona as billionaire bachelor Bruce Wayne. This animated series picks up a few years after the conclusion of the theatrical film, Batman Begins. This younger Batman confronts updated versions of familiar foes, meeting each member of his classic Rogues’ Gallery for the first time. 

    inked cartoons confessions rejected ideas and secret sketches from the new yorkers joe dator

    Inked: Cartoons, Confessions, Rejected Ideas, And Secret Sketches From The New Yorker’s Joe Dator

      But Inked is more than a book of cartoons. Dator also dives into the creative process, offering bonus commentary on how ideas have come to fruition, how one idea has led to another, and the various attempts to get an idea right. Along the way, he shows how a spark of imagination has turned into a laugh-out-loud moment with only a single image and caption, and how other attempts have found themselves on the cutting-room floor.



        Welcome to Jellystone! Travel to a magical town where you’ll meet new and old friends, including Yogi Bear, Cindy Bear, Boo Boo, and Huckleberry Hound…and Jabberjaw and Top Cat and Snagglepuss and El Kabong and Wally Gator and Johnny Quest and Hadji and Shag Rugg.

        Papa Smurf Dissected

          What does Papa Smurf would look like when dissected? You know there are people out there who want to know.

          Tintin Bookend

            I had to take a picture of this cool Tintin bookend at the Crow Bookshop in Burlington. This is a great little nest for bibliophiles.