This is my Year

So how are your new year’s resolutions? I did not make any this year.  I am bound to disappoint if I promise to change.  I am happy with what I have to offer. Here are the top new year’s resolutions for 2015 according to the  Where is pay my taxes in this list?  Lose…

Radical Parenting Anyone?

Radical parenting anyone? Some parents are now exploring controversial ways to raise children.  Unschooling approach.  Free-range reading.  Alpha parenting.

Fighting Malware: It’s Not Easy Being a Blogger

At one time it was easy to share ideas on WordPress. Now I have to worry about malware attacking my site. From entering the backdoor, old links from posts 5 years ago, blacklisted sites that link to mine, infographs gone bad, the list just keeps growing. Your host threatening to shut you down if you…

The Thing About Thugs

The thing about thugs is that it is another word that is changing in meaning. The original thugs were a clan of professional assassins from India.(thuggee or tuggee) Is thug the word of 2014?  Social media seems abuzz  as parents are unaware of the new meaning of the word.  Mental_floss compiled a list 15 words…

Robocup Coffee Mug

Dead or alive, you’re drinking coffee with me! Robocup is based on a t-shirt idea come to life. It is perfect timing with the new RoboCop reboot.

Feed Your Head

It might be good to feed your head but sometimes you need to go on a diet. You have to flush those extra pounds of negative thoughts and show your true happiness. The eyes of the world are on you, so let go of useless baggage that you carry each day.

Man Eats Cactus and The Zombie Map

Zombie popularity is not waning at all. It seems to be on the increase. The Map of Zombies by Jason B. Thompson easily sold on Kickstarter. Not a bad tidy sum of profit for Jason. Well done, sir. [youtube] Man eats cactus and lives to tell about. This prickly character could teach the coyote…

Top Earning Dead Celebrities

It is not nice to say, but some people are better off dead. Micheal Jackson and Elvis Presley are making more money dead than alive. Micheal Jackson alone since his death has made over one billion dollars. If he were alive he would spend all of that quickly. Here is the top 2013 earning dead…

The Best American Comics 2013

It is truly the Age of the Cartoonist (the artist who writes and draws his or her own work) so says Jeff Smith, the editor of the newest anthology from the folks of The Best American Comics series. There are so many new comic book outlets from the web to the tablet to express yourself….

Summer Is Almost Gone

The thing about August is that you feel you had enough of summer already. The playing and rest are done. It is time for business. Crops to ready to be picked.

Fun in the Sun

What’s fun for other people may not be fun for you–and vice versa.–Gretchen Rubin